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Tripura is a hilly state in the North Eastern region of India and is the homeland of different tribes. Tripura was princely state under the patronage of the kings who had a tribal ethnicity. Tripura merged with Indian Union in the year 1949. Green Valley, Wild dense forest, High hills, and long range rivers attracted indigenous people of various ethnic communities to migrate in Tripura. There are 19 tribal groups in Tripura and they are Tripuri, Reang, Jamatia, Chakma, Halam, Mog, Munda, Kuki, Garo, Noatia, Orang , Lusai, Bhil, Santal, Uchai, Khasia, Chaimal, Lepcha, Bhutia.

The Tribes of Tripura have rich cultural heritage which are being handed down from generation to generation. The Tribal rites, rituals, beliefs and practices along with the tribal festivals constitute a rich cultural heritage which has survived as an integral component of the Indian culture without sacrificing its indigenous tradition. The festivals celebrated in Tripura embody the robust and composite cultural heritage. The culture of Tripura is a plethora of Festival. Whether it is a Tribal festival or a non tribal festival the enthusiasm and vigor with which the festivals are celebrated both by the tribals and non tribals are unique.

The festivals of Tripura Tribes have added social and cultural rites, which ennoble its vivacity and ebullience. The major festival of Tripura Tribes are kharchi Puja, Garia Puja, Ker Puja, Bizu Festival, Tirtha Mukh Festival, Ashokastami, Ganga Puja, Lampra Puja, Wah festival etc.


Hon'ble CEM,TTAADC Sri Radhacharan Debbarma welcoming the arrival of H.E. Governor of Tripura


Speech by Hon'ble Minister Transport & Power, Tripura during Tripura Tribal Festival, 2016


TribalFestival2016/Closing ceremony of Tribal Festival, 2016


TribalFestival2016/Demonstration of husking Rice during Tribal Festival, 2016, Tripura


Exhibit dress & household instrument


Exhibit dry fish making


Exhibit household instrument


Exhibit household instruments


Exhibit Household instruments


Exhibit Households instruments of the tribes of Tripura


Exhibit Lampra wathop for puja


Exhibit musical instrument of the tribes of tripura


Exhibit Musical Instruments


Exhibit traditional tribal hut of Tripura


Exhibit trap for wild animals


Exhibition Stall


Exhibits dresses, household instruments of the tribes of tripura


Exhibits of traditional tribal marriage bedi of Tripura


Exhibits Ornament of different tribes of Tripura


H.E the Governmor of Tripura, arrival at Tribal Festival Ground, 2016


H.E. the Governor of Tripura Sri Tathagata Roy taking Guard of Honour.


Household instrument


Household Instruments


Indigenous games of Tripura Tribes


Indigenous ganes of Tripura Tribes


Indigenous sports of Tripura tribe


Indigenous sports


Injaugural programme during Tripura Tribal Festival, 2016


Live demonstration for making sticky rice powder


Live demonstration how to wind the husk of rice during Tripura Tribal Festival, 2016


Live demonstration of cane made umbrella


Live demonstration on cotton spinning during Tripura Tribal Festival, 2016


Live demonstration weaving of loinloom, during Tripura t6ribal Festival, 2016


Live perfomance of indeginous sports (Kadong)


Loinloom weaving of tribes of Tripura


Performing hojagiri dance


Rally during the Tripura Tribal Festival-2016


Rally during Tribal Festival-2016, Tripura


Speech by Director, TR&CI, Tripura during Tribal Festval-2016


Speech by Hon'ble Minister Transport & Power, Tripura during Tripura Tribal Festival, 2016


Speech by Secretary, T.W. Sri L. H. Darlong


Spininning cotton


Traditional dress & fishing traps


Traditional dress & fishing traps


Traditional welcome & receiving of dignitaries at their arrival


Tribal Women with traditional dress and ornaments during Tripura Tribal Feestival, 2016


Rally on carrying of bride in Palki along with band party during Tripura Tribal Festival, 2016



Kharchi Puja

Ker Puja

Bijhu Festival

Garia Puja

Ganga Puja / TUIMA Puja

Tirtha Mukh Festival or Pous Sankranti Mela

Hojagiri Festival




Lampra Puja

Rondok Puja

Naksu Matai Puja

Tuyabuma Puja

Dharmakam Puja

Thanmana Puja

Lakshmi Purnima


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